Fern Fish, as a RAST Aquaculture company, designs recirculating aquaculture systems for sustainable fish production and installs turnkey fish farm facilities. Furthermore, it supplies different types of tilapias as processed or unprocessed.

We design your aquaculture facilities specifically for each fish type and establish the facility layout according to our optimum benefit strategy. We provide after-sales support, marketing support, and technology consultancy to our customers after installation of your fish farm.


Today, fish consumption rates are increasing. Fish's high protein value and reasonable price is one of the most important factors in increasing fish consumption. Especially in low-income countries, the need for fish is increasing day by day.

As Fernfish, we have focused on recirculating fish production because the high fishing method hurts the marine ecosystem.

We researched the aquaculture system and saw that this enables harvesting in a short time and has low-cost products. After, we decided that we can do this job with high ROI rates.

But we did not also stop with the installation of the turnkey facility only. We have decided to provide consulting services to our partners for the efficient production and profitable sale of fish .

Currently, we have become a structure that understands customer wishes and its target audience and establishes right strategies for them.

We aimed to meet the world fish need in every way by supplying processed or unprocessed fish for those who want to realize retail sales instead of producing fish.

We will do our best for your benefit from this profitable investment.


For more information about Fern Fish, please contact us.